LinkedIn: The Most Powerful Marketing Tool for B2B in 2022!

Our proven method of relationship based marketing outperforms every other B2B marketing channel you've invested in.

B2B is a tricky space!

It requires trust.

It requires relationships.

It requires real connections & conversations where those you’re working with are clear on what you’re doing.

And simple touchpoint marketing just doesn’t cut it.

That’s why you need to be on LinkedIn…

What other place can you connect with someone in a professional setting, where they can find out anything & everything about you, and you can do the same with them? I mean all of your pitching & pre-qualifying is already done for you.

And if they’re not ready to buy now, they’ll be able to see your stuff for as long as you’re posting.

Ready to come back to you when they are ready to buy.

Look. Marketing NEEDS to be part of your budget.

Fact is, every B2B company should be allocating revenue to marketing.

Because what’s the purpose of marketing?

To put your company in front of paying customers who need what you have to offer…

To generate revenue…

To get you real business!

How much revenue should it generate though?

A good rule of thumb is that for every dollar spent you should expect between a 5:1 to 10:1 ratio. That means you get $5-10 back for every dollar you spend. If you’re just starting out with marketing, this could look more like a near 1:1 ratio, as your target will need to be refined.

But you see what the key point is?

When you market, you should never lose money!

And that's where LinkedIn becomes your best friend...​

Let me ask you a simple question:

What would 20-40+ genuine calls each month with prospects who want to hear from do for your business?

What kind of impact would a reliable source of 20-40 genuine, qualified connections each month with people interested in what you have to say have?

(We say 20-40, but that’s just the people who want to jump on a call with you. If we’re talking LinkedIn connections, it’s more like 200-400 per month).

You see in this day & age, where marketing is becoming tougher & tougher, it takes real & genuine connection to make sales in the B2B landscape.

Gone are the days when you can simply blast people with your message & expect them to buy.

You need to find the right people.

These people need to feel like they can trust you.

They need to be heard & have their needs answered with your specific solution, tailored to them.

And this is what great LinkedIn Marketing is all about!

Why LinkedIn is the #1 B2B marketing tool.​

LinkedIn is a connection based social media platform that encourages individual, private interaction.

No other platform encourages connection based on specific interests in a private setting quite like LinkedIn. The platform was made to do business! This is like fertiliser for a savvy entrepreneur. There are countless individuals who are fully reaping the tremendous benefits that LinkedIn can provide. And the key is in nailing your interactions to show true value.

LinkedIn is a compounding resource.

Unlike Facebook ads, PPC, or most other marketing channels, which will stop as you stop paying, LinkedIn marketing is something that continues to build over time. The more connections you have, the more people see your stuff. The more they see your stuff, the more chances they will like it & the more the LinkedIn algorithm will love you!

It's far easier to get immediate results than with other long term channels.

Unlike SEO which requires a minimum 6-12 month investment to see any tangible results (in areas that aren't over saturated), LinkedIn allows you to reliably generate leads from the first day you invest.

There are fewer gatekeepers.

Unlike using email, where you're more likely to trigger the spam filter or end up the receptionists inbox, LinkedIn Direct Messaging gives you a direct line to the decision-makers in your target companies. Even if someone else is running their account, you know they'll check it once in a while (unlike faceless Facebook business pages).

LinkedIn enables you to build real relationships & connections.

If someone isn't ready to purchase from you now, then they will still be there on your LinkedIn, seeing your stuff. They will still know who you are, keeping you top of mind, filing away everything about you. This makes you the obvious choice when they need what you have to offer.

The things that people genuinely like are what get the most traction.

You get to be a real person, instead of only showing a carefully curated 'perfect life'. People buy from real people, and the LinkedIn community wants you to be yourself.

People are ready to purchase.

Did we mention that LinkedIn is a business platform? Everyone on LinkedIn wants to do business. It's that simple! Nobody hops on LinkedIn to check out the latest cat videos (we're looking at you, Instagram).

Now, you know you can't afford NOT to be on LinkedIn...​

But, friend... YOU can't afford to be ON LinkedIn either!

Let me explain…

Consistency is an integral component of any social media strategy. If you’re not consistent, you may as well take your bat and ball and go home.

BUT, the fact is, as a decision-maker in your organisation, you SHOULDN’T be spending 10, 15 or 20+ hours on LinkedIn every week!

You have more important things to do!!!

Don’t believe me?

If you’re not nodding your head already, consider this:

What are the TOP 3 tasks YOU complete in your company that nobody else could do for you?

Got the list?

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I’d bet my house ‘LinkedIn Marketing’ ISN’T on that list of yours?!

Am I right?

I’m right, aren’t I?

Fact is, you should be focusing your precious emotional and intellectual energy on the tasks only you can do in your company.

You see, friend, we're introverts who like to think smarter, not harder.

Some agencies will swear you have to be active on LinkedIn every damn day to get results.

And yes, as I previously mentioned, consistency is integral to LinkedIn success.

BUT…as an introvert, I’d prefer to visit the dentist daily than spend hours engaging on LinkedIn.

That’s why we’ve developed the ultimate stress-free, introvert-friendly system for LinkedIn growth, where you can be as involved as you like—or not at all.

LinkedIn Marketing for Introverts: Get from A:B faster!

I don’t know about you, but small talk is the bane of my existence. I just want to get on with it. If we’re talking business, let’s talk business!

That’s exactly why we set up The Introvert Agency.

On your behalf, we want to quickly and efficiently let people know what you do and how you can help them, without the pointless back and forth that makes you think “when is the pitch coming?”

We reach out, say g’day, put your cards on the table and if people are interested, you chat… 

If they’re not interested, you don’t chat.

More importantly, because we don’t piss people off by sending them a stack of messages, trying to convince them to buy something they don’t want or need, they stick around in your network.

Reading your content.

Having conversations.

And guess who they reach out to when they need what you offer?

Yep… you!

Now, you might be thinking, “how do I know this is going to work?”

Valid question, my friend.


Introducing, the only research-backed LinkedIn marketing model [Secret Sauce].

Everything we do is based on research.

  • On a platform level, we are the only LinkedIn specialists using a research-based model of engagement. Our COO recently completed a thesis on LinkedIn Marketing, so you can be sure we’re using the most up-to-date strategies that actually work.
  • At the client level, we research both your company and that of your competitors to ensure we have a thorough understanding of your brand and the industry within which it sits.

From this research, we then develop a copywriting focused strategy.

  • We use your tone and voice to ensure the message we’re presenting on your LinkedIn is consistent with your larger brand.
  • We then develop messaging that’s informative and more importantly, entertaining. 

Finally, we identify your target audience and run outreach campaigns that take people from ‘I’ve never even heard of you’ to ‘let’s talk more’.

  • Before you ask, we’re not one of those agencies that sends a 7 message sequence, harassing people and driving them straight to the delete and block buttons.
  • Instead, we put all our eggs in the first message basket… then throw them at the walls.
  • What I mean by that is, we write long-form messages designed to disrupt.  In fact, one of the most common comments we get back from our messaging—apart from ‘let’s’ talk’, of course—is ‘this is the best message I’ve ever been sent on LinkedIn’.

There’s no point sending disruptive messages if we’re not getting results, right?

The research, the copywriting and our messaging strategy all come together to make your marketing stand out on the LinkedIn platform. 

We know this, because we’ve worked with hundreds of clients over the last few years, testing, tweaking and refining their strategies and ultimately, generating these results:
0 +
Requests Sent
0 +
New Connections
0 +
New Leads
We also offer some of the best results in the industry:
0 %
Requests Accepted

*2x industry average

0 %
Average Lead Rate

*4-5x industry average

* A ‘lead’ is generated when a LinkedIn connection completes one or more of the following actions:

  • provides their email address and expresses interest in scheduling a call to discuss your product/service,
  • provides their phone number and expresses interest in scheduling a call to discuss your product/service, or
  • agrees to schedule a call with you or your company, and is sent your booking link for an automated scheduling software such as Calendly.

Our introverted clients say...

    You might be thinking ‘I could pay an offshore VA to do this cheaper' OR 'I could use an automated system’.

    Yeah, you could. But that doesn’t mean you should.

    Because not only do you risk going directly to Jail without passing ‘GO’ or ‘collecting $200’… your credibility is guaranteed to take a hit. 


    Firstly, automated systems simply cannot pre-check a persons profile and confirm they’re a good person to connect with (no matter how good the salesperson tells you their system is)… 

    Secondly, we tried working with International VA’s and while they were incredible poeple, we learnt the hard way that you get what you pay for. (FYI, we are a local team waving the flag for LinkedIn Australia).

    Thirdly, most people will let you get away with a small mistake, but it doesn’t take much to get your connections thinking:

    1. 'Did you even look at my profile?'

    2. 'How did you not get it when I didn't reply to the first 3 you sent—I’m not interested ffs!’

    3. 'How do I block this douche-canoe?'

    Now, that’s not the kinda thoughts you want potential clients to be having about your business? Are they?

    No? Didn’t think so.

    Before you even think about working with us, there are three conditions you MUST meet:

    First, you must be a decision-maker in your company (Owner, Founder, CXO etc);

    Second, you must work in the B2B space; and

    Third, you must have a product or service that you’re already selling, with an Average Client Lifetime Value of $10,000+.

    Tick those boxes? 

    Rightio, onwards…

    Wait... sounds like this is going to be preeettty expensive?

    Perhaps, but ‘expensive’ is relative.

    How many leads do you need to generate $3,000-5,000 in revenue? Will 20-40 get you there?

    PLUS remember the top 3 priorities you listed earlier… can you genuinely afford take time away from those tasks so you can focus on your LinkedIn? Is that the best use of your time, skills and experience?

    What you get...

    You get three options:

    Option 1: I'm just getting started

    If you’re new to LinkedIn or only have a few hundred connections, this is the package for you.

    We help you:

    – Get your first 1000 followers.

    – Build your content bank.

    – Start conversations in your industry.

    When you finish your first 6-months with us, you’ll have hit the magic 1k mark.

    Option 2: I've been doing this for a while

    You’ve hit 1k connections; now what?

    We help you:

    – Ramp up your connection/follower growth.

    – Start more conversations on the feed and move to the DM > increasing your leads.

    – Put more content in front of your followers, increasing touchpoints and shortening your lead gen cycle.

    Because once your foundation is solid, it’s time to build baby!

    Option 3: I'm ready for the next level

    You’ve got a few thousand connections or more; what’s next?

    We help you make the switch from ‘outbound’ to ‘inbound’ foucsed marketing (which means the leads come to you). To do this we:

    – Make content marketing the core feature of your strategy.

    – Ramp up engagement on the feed with current and potential connections.

    – Implement additional lead collection methods (e.g. lead magnet for email marketing).

    In other words, we put your LinkedIn Marketing on roids (my 2IC has been pestering me to use that line for months).

    What other introverts say...

    The million $ question...

    Your investment for LinkedIn Marketing is:


    Free Trial






    Your Text




    LinkedIn Profile Update

    LinkedIn Company Page Setup

    Copywriting of Outreach Messages

    Personalised Connection Requests (up to 100 per week)

    Follow-Up Messaging (Unlimited)

    25 Post Comments Per Week

    25 Post Likes Per Week

    1 x 250-400 Word Post Written and Shared Per Week




    LinkedIn Profile Update

    LinkedIn Company Page Setup

    Copywriting of Outreach Messages

    Personalised Connection Requests (up to 100 per week)

    Follow-Up Messaging (Unlimited)

    50 Post Comments

    50 Post Likes Per Week

    2 x 250-400 Word Posts Written and Shared Per Week




    LinkedIn Profile Update

    LinkedIn Company Page Setup

    Copywriting of Outreach Messages

    Personalised Connection Requests (up to 100 per week)

    Follow-Up Messaging (Unlimited)

    75 Post Comments Per Week

    75  Post Likes Per Week

    3 x 250-400 word posts written and shared per week

    Your next step...

    It’s simple. 

    Click the button below.

    You’ll be taken to a link to schedule a call with one of our team.

    On the call, they’ll take a look at your LinkedIn profile and let you know what package suits you.

    Then, lock in your spot and we’ll get to work.

    But first… 👇👇👇

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