Want Guaranteed Sales Without Spending a Dollar?

‘Oh wait, that’s impossible. Anybody who guarantees sales is a scammer...'

Friend, you’re 100% correct. The marketing and sales industries are rife with hyenahs just waiting for you to turn around so they can snap at your wallet in your back pocket—not caring if they take half your butt cheek while they’re diving for their dinner.

Look, we can’t blame them. Some people don’t understand there’s a better way. And scavengers gotta eat, right?

But if sleazy, scammy sales tactics make you feel more nauseaus than driving past 3 day old roadkill…

Keep reading, because here at The Introvert Agency, we’re all about identifying the blind spots in your business, helping you shine a light on them then turning those once dark secrets into the secret sauce for your business success…

Introducing The Modern Entrepreneurs Referral Marketing System.

(The easiest way grow your business while still selling with integrity).

Lemme ask you this—do you have a system for getting referrals in your business?

If you answered ‘NO’…

You’re leaving easy $$$ on the table.

In fact, not having a referral strategy is such a HUGE mistake, it’s akin to dumping your profits right into your competitors lap!!!

And if that’s how you’re going to run a business, you may as well lock the door and walk away.

I know you don’t want to do that… 

So, let’s talk about how you can generate virtually unlimited amounts of business without spending a cent, all while turning your enemies into Allies…

Bold claims? Yep!

But once you understand the #1 marketing channel that every business is using (but few are optimising), we will flip your understanding of business growth on it’s head and put you on the path of growth that is usually only reserved for only the biggest & most successful businesses.

But first, let’s rewind 📼

How did you generate your first client? 

Chances are it was a referral. Someone you knew personally. 

What about your next one? 

Probably someone referred by your first client.

This is the process of referral marketing. And it’s time most timeless form of marketing that every single business in existence has been employing since the dawn of time. 

Yet pretty much 100% of businesses leave this process of referral up to chance. 

They just assume they’re lucky to have referrals.

What they don’t realise is that referrals are earned, and more importantly, that with the right system in place, you can create them!

2 types of referral generation.

There are two basic ways that referrals are usually generated:

1. Be so good that people can’t stop talking about you.

This is the most common way that business owners will try to generate referrals. It’s also the hardest way to go about! It requires you to be so damn good that people can’t help but talk about you—something that  takes a hell of a lot of time, effort, energy and exceptional delivery to achieve ⌛⌛⌛. 

And even if you’re doing all of these things, you often STILL have to ASK for the referrals… and unless you have a system in place to do this, you’re leaving revenue on the table.

But what if there was a way to generate leads WITHOUT all this extra work?

2. Appeal to peoples self interest.

Everybody loves to help when there’s a little somethin’-somethin’ in it for them.

Every business owner I know loves when a process comes together so well that, once the final setup is done, it essentially runs itself.

Fact is, for pretty much every single business, there are a tonne of needs that your target market will have, which you simply wont be able to fill with your business.

So, with the right partners for your business:

$$$ + Client Need = Referrals

Take for example a financial broker.

That broker will be amazing at negotiating a loan for their clients. 

BUT every one of their clients will most likely need a bookkeeper & accountant to properly ensure the loan makes sense for their business model. 

And chances are it would be a whole lot easier for the broker to have one accountant they work with who knows how they operate. Perhaps this accountant is a specialist in the particular industry the broker works in. 

If the broker & the accountant work together to create a referral partnership, then they can both benefit from their existing networks & marketing efforts to effectively double their client base.

Now imagine if this same broker also teams up with a:

  • specialist industry lawyer, 

  • marketing firm specialising in their industry, 

  • sales consultant, and

  • business ops consultant.

Together, these referral partners are able to provide the full package for total business growth, making the financial brokers loan service a WHOLE LOT MORE USEFUL!!! 

And let’s not forget… useful = valuable.

You know the saying: “if you’re trying to be something for everybody, then you’re nothing to anybody?”

It’s 127% true if you’re trying to deliver all of your clients needs yourself.

BUT with the right partners, you can literally become a one-stop-shop for meeting your clients’ needs.

But how do you identify the right partners?

Even if a few names have popped into your mind, how do you approach them?

And how do you set up a referral system that benefits everyone involved?

That’s where we come in.

Wait… you mentioned this won’t cost me a cent?


Work with us to set up your referral marketing system and pay $0 upfront.

You see, we KNOW this system will be an incredible asset to your business. So much so, we’re willing to put our fee on the line.

Simple fact is, if you don’t get a new client from your new referral system, we won’t send you a bill.

Your investment for this system is $5,500, but you only pay us once the first client gained from your referral network pays you.

Setting up this system is literally RISK-FREE!

You’d be crazy to throw this opportunity away.

Our introverted clients say...

    Ok, I’m sold, but what do I actually get?

    Rightio, here’s the nuts and bolts of your Done-with-you Referral Marketing System design, facilitationa and implementation:

    Week 1: 120-minute initial consulting call including, but not limited to;

    • Assessing marketing strategy & objectives
    • Realising actual market position
    • Identifying potential referral sources
    • Development of referral process

    Week 2 – 26: Fortnightly consulting calls

    • Identify and implement appropriate adjustments to strategy
    • Build out additional partnership layers
    • Assess curent partnerships and results

    Week 26: In-house handover

    • Delivery of documented and Systemised Referral Strategy for client’s ongoing use

    Don’t sit on your hands!

    You might be thinking, ‘yeah this sounds good, but I’ll do it next week, or the week after’.

    Firstly, don’t do that. The sooner you get this set up, the sooner you start bringing smoking hot leads into your business consistently.

    Second, we only offer [2] Referral Marketing System setups each month due to the time commitment required to do a deep dive into your business. As soon as the two spots are filled, we’ll put you on a wait list for next month… or the month after… or the month after that.

    (FYI June has 1 space remaining, there’s 2 spots left in July, then our Business Development Strategist is away all of August, so if you don’t grab one of the July spots, you’re out until at least October).

    If you’re ready to take advantage of the hottest, most consistent lead source your business will ever have, tap the big yellow button below to set up an introductory call with your Business Development Strategist, and start building your Referral Marketng System today.

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